Startup Idea To Profit

Have a brilliant Startup Idea but don't know where to begin?

Don't know how and when this Idea will start fetching you money into your Business Account? 

Discover the 7-Step Startup Success Formula to move from your Startup Idea to Profit in 180 Days [100+ Startup Founders/Executives enrolled]

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What will you learn?

Section 1 - The Journey From an Idea to a Sale

You will be able to visualise the journey from an idea to a sale, prepare a Digital Entrepreneur mindset, do the ground work to see if your idea is really saleable, convert idea to defined goals

  • How this course will help you take your startup from an Idea To Sale [10 min]
  • The Journey From An Idea To A Sale [13 min ]
    • How to convert a Startup idea from vision to reality - the detailed 7-step journey that you have to undergo, and how to do it in the right way while enjoying it, aligning your goals with your vision
  • The Digital Entrepreneur Mindset [10 min]
    • Ground work to see whether you really have the entrepreneurship bug in you or you are willing to develop it
  • Ground work before your idea can start making money [14 min ]
    • 5 ways to check how saleable your idea is and how to make it saleable
  • How to convert your idea to defined goals [08 min ]
  • Assignment 1 – Market Research [30 min ]
  • Assignment 2 – Goal Cards [30 min ]
  • Quiz – Entrepreneurship – Self assessment [10 questions]
Section 2 - 7-Step Success Formula - Steps 1,2,3

You will be able to 1)document your vision - (USP, create a wireframe, product plan), 2)craft your team vision (culture, build or outsource decision) 3)arrange funds (business plan, pitch deck)

  • The 7-Steps [10 min ]
  • Step 1 – Documenting your vision [14 min ]
    • How to document the vision for your Startup Vision - Define the brand and the offering, your USP (Unique Selling Proposition),  a Paper Prototype of your product, Mind Map, Product Release Plan, Wireframe
  • Step 2 – How to Craft Your Team Vision [20 min ]
    • How to craft your Team Vision - Company Culture, Guidelines and Help to take the most important Decision whether to Build In-House or Outsource
  • Step 3 – How to arrange for money needed to run the show [30 min ]
    • How to arrange for money needed to run the show - How to create the Business Plan with Cash Flows and How to create an Investor Pitch Deck that blows them over
  • Assignment – Workshop – Your vision, mind map, Business Plan, Pitch Deck and more..[30 min]
Section 3 - 7-Step Success Formula - Steps 4,5,6,7

You will be able to 1)learn right way to create the product(target customer and journey,look& feel,blueprint,agile management),2)market(funnels,SEO, social media),3)sell(automation), 4) Customer Service Execution

  •  Right way to craft your product [19 min ]
    • How to craft your product - What is a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), Your Target Customer Persona, Customer Journey, Look And Feel of your product, Architectural Blueprint. Project Management, Data Security
  • Step 5 – How to draw in Traffic and convert it to Leads [22 min ]
    • How to market your product - Funnel Building, Content Generation, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM- Google Adwords), Paid Advertising on Social Media, App Store Optimisation, Marketing Automation
  • Step 6 & 7 – How to convert Leads to Customers & Customer Service [17 min ]
    • How to sell your product - Case Studies , Trials, Freemium Model, Community, Referrals, Word Of Mouth, Offline Marketing
    • How to provide state-of-the-art Customer Service for your product - The Complete Process
  • To-Do List [07 min ]
  • Assignment – Workshop : Define your Minimum Viable Product, User Journey and more..[30 min
  • Recommended Resources [30 min ]
  • Bonus Lecture [30 min]
The Revolutionary and Disruptive - MarketerBot
  • The MarketerBot is a tried and tested concept which will ensure successful customer conversions due to the careful nurturing given during the cycle from lead to customer conversion, instead of directly making a sales offer on first interaction.
  • The BIG advantage of this methodology is that it is an Automated Robotic way (with minimal manual intervention) which increases chances of Organic Conversions i.e. your CAC (Cost of Acquisition Per Customer) is either 0 or very miniscule.
  • This concept has been developed and applied successfully by me for some of the Startups I have worked with in the past.

Meet your Coach

I’m Anu Khanchandani. Have been in the Digital Product industry for more than 24 years in various roles, in India and abroad in CMM-Level 5 organisations like Syntel (India), Delta Technology (USA), Reuters Asia (Singapore).

Have consulted more than 100  Startups in the capacity of CTO, Principal Mentor in their Startup Journey right from validating their Startup Ideas to scaling them to Million Dollar Businesses.

One of the prominent ones being for which I created the product and the team from scratch and today brought it to a milestone of 1L paying customers.

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Testimonials from Startups I have Consulted

" More than a Startup Specialist, Anu has worked like a Co-Founder for my Startup - Fintoo. She has nurtured our Digital Presence from scratch. She has been the Technology, Marketing and Management expert for our niche products. "

Manish Hingar

Founder, Fintoo 

“Working with Anu for my Startup was effortless on my part. She knows well the IT, she understands customer needs. Her work helped me to win Silver Medal in the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. All this on phone calls between Portugal and India! ”

Rajesh Pai

Founder, Green Pai

Testimonials from Startup Founders who have taken the Course

The User Persona Template which is an Excel sheet (in Fill In The Blanks format) which will help you identify your target customer based on industry standard parameters.This can help you save a lot of money by specifying the correct targeting when you use Paid Ads.  (Valued at Rs.10K)

The User Journey Template is an Excel sheet (in Fill In The Blanks format) which will help you craft your own customer's journey by asking you the right questions to which you just need to give the right answers. Your product can be crafted based on this to give your customers the perfect pathway which leads to a sale. (Valued at Rs.10K)

The Content Calendar Template is an Excel sheet (in Fill In The Blanks format) which will help you plan your content marketing in an organised way so that it hits the right audience at the right time. (Valued at Rs.10K)

This is the icing on the cake.  I will send you a link where you can book an appointment with me and I will give you feedback on your assignments one-on-one as well as reveal the secret for getting YOUR First 1K customers for YOUR own Startup using the 7-Step Success Formula. This will be a 2 hr session. (Valued at Rs.20K)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this be live or pre-recorded?

These will be recorded sessions which you can access at your own pace.

For those who complete their workshops successfully I give them the opportunity to Book a 2-hr One-On-One Session with me where they can present their Startup Vision and I can provide my opinions on scaling it based on my experiences with other successful startups.

How can I get support?

As part of this course you will be added to an Exclusive Whatsapp and Facebook group which is a Privileged and Private group just for the members of this Startup Community

The Whatsapp and Facebook groups will be open for interactions 24x7 where you can interact with me as well as other members of the community

I have a full time job, not sure if I can make it. Will you be sharing recordings?

This is a self-paced course with access to videos for your lifetime.

Will I get lifetime access to the videos?


Will I be able to make a lot of money after this Course?

This workshop guarantees no income. Having said that, the workshop is designed to provide you the exact steps to follow with guidance from me personally. 

With so much help I'm sure you will succeed!

Genius is in the IDEA. Impact, however, comes from ACTION

If you are still sitting with the Brilliant Startup Idea in your mind, wondering what to do next, IT'S TIME TO TAKE ACTION NOW and enrol for this training which you absolutely must not miss. 

If you are like me - who believes in ACTION - take your first step and jump right in - I'm there to hand-hold you along the way. Don't let the Startup Dream fizzle out in your mind. Give it a chance of making it happen so that you don't look back in regret at a later point in your life. 

You are one-click away from achieving your Startup Dream 

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Anu Khanchandani

Founder, The Grey Cells

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